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This is an example for VectorDraw WebControl conversions

You can open any of these drawing files format: .vds,.vdml,.vdcl,.dwg,.dxf,.pdf,.dgn,.dwf,.skp,.stl, .emf,.wmf,.vdf,.vdi,.jpg,.bmp,.png,.gif,.tif,.ico
In order WebControl to display any of these files formats,it has to be converted to .vds which is the only file format that WebControl can displays.
You are able to convert and download a drawing that you have seleceted to another file format or after you have made some changes for example you can save it in any of the supported formats.

Default Actions
Press Left Mouse button to Pan.
Scroll MouseWheel to Zoom In/Out.
Press Midle Mouse button to Rotate 3D.
Press Left Mouse DoubleClick to Zoom Extents.
NOTE that Drag and Drop files from explorer is also supported!!

Terms of use:
This VectorDraw conversions sample is only for test purposes and we ensure you that we do not keep any data or information.
For any usage for developers you can contact us by mail and discuss about it here:
We will be happy to send us a feedback about this sample here:

VectorDraw Conversions sample limitations:
1. Note that only one conversion can be done each time and if you choose multiple files for convert,only one will be converted and more specific the last one.
2. We have set as maximum file size limit the 9MB in order the operations to be faster and not to encumber the devices from where the conversions are called.